Pilates in the younger years?

The world has been singing the praises of Pilates for years now, with many of us acknowledging its benefits and participating in weekly classes as a result. We now understand that Pilates is not just for adults and that incorporating Pilates from a young age can be hugely beneficial.


The teenage years are marked by change, including growth spurts, puberty and emotional development. It is also a time where more demand is placed on the body with sporting commitments, extra-curricular activities and more time sitting at a computer or study desk. Pilates can be a great adjunct to other activities during this important time of physical and mental development, and provide the perfect balance of body awareness and coordination in which teens can learn to control their body in space.

Pilates can also be amazing for building essential self-esteem and confidence in teens by helping them to become in tune with their bodies, improve physical capabilities and take ownership of their health and fitness.

Pilates for teenagers provides an array of additional benefits including:

  • Improved core strength – an early introduction into the importance of strong core muscles to prevent back pain and injuries
  • Increased flexibility – To support those growing bones it is important to keep the muscles stretched and lengthened
  • Posture Correction- improved body awareness will allow for better posture
  • Sports performance
  • Time away from technology/study desk, and helping the mind and body unwind after a busy day

So if you find your teenager is hesitant to participate in structured sport or exercise, is an aspiring athlete that wants to enhance their performance, or is maybe spending too much time in front of a screen, Pilates may be just what the doctor (or Physio!) ordered. Make sure your consult a trained Pilates instructor or Physiotherapist to find out if Pilates is suitable for your teenager.

Interested in getting your teen involved in Pilates? We have the perfect introduction with our 8-week program designed especially for school-aged girls. Registration for next term opens Wednesday 5th July HERE, or by calling 1300 550 622.

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